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Meant to leave this as an actual review having used the pc for just under a year but the link was broken when I submitted and I'm not deleting all of this, its gotta get posted somewhere.

system specs:

  • AMD Ryzen™ 7 3800X 3.90GHz Octa-Core
  • ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 - ATX
  • (2) * ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 3200 MHz - 16GB
  • XFX Radeon™ RX 6600 XT 8GB
  • 1TB Crucial P2 PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD
  • CLX Quench 360 Closed Liquid Cooler
  • 2TB 3.5in Seagate Barracuda HDD
  • SET Talos P1 Mid Tower Black
  • (4) * CLX RGB Fan
  • No Chassis Lights
  • 750W Modular 80PLUS GOLD PSU
  • ASUS Wireless AC750 PCIe Adapter Card
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home
  • No Games Included
  • No Games Included
  • No CLX Premium T-Shirt
  • No USB Flash Drive Selected
  • No Wireless Router
  • No Chair
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty / 1 Year Parts

Cost: $2012

TLDR. Actual performance and thermals have been great. The quality assurance forms were actually really incredible to have as a customer. The whole process from ordering to shipping took over a month but this was in line with the estimate they gave at the start. The lower end case has dust issues and is hard to clean especially with an AIO cooler. The rbg leaves something to be desired but its present and bright. Very good purchase if GPU prices spike again and its hard to find components at or below msrp.

Now to get into the weeds a bit.

I had been planning to build my own pc but right as i got the money to do so the silicon and gpu shortages take off so I decide that I am not going to wait the year or so its gonna take for prices to stabilize before buying a new computer and this one has served me pretty well.

Performance has been good but the in-house rgb case and fans leaves something to be desired aesthetically in terms of ease of changing configurations, malfunctioning remote, and the location of the rgb LEDs being very clearly visible rather than being a flat diffuse gradient. This is of course a trivial problem but something to note.

Less trivial is the lack of dust filtering. now there are mesh filters on the case but they are on the top, which is not an intake under normal configurations, and on the PSU. I had an AIO cooler which was installed behind the fans which caused dust to become impinged directly onto the radiator fins where they cannot be reached without disassembly. this is not helped by the insane amount of hard to disconnect wires between the body and front panel of the case, this having to be opened in order to aces the fan mounting screws and service the radiator. Moving the AIO cooler and fans to the top helped reduce the dust issue by moving the intake further from the ground but the same problems existed just with less acute effects.

I recently installed my AIO (sized for 3 120mm fans) in front of the intake fans on the front of the pc to eliminate the inaccessible dust issue, but I had to cut into the case to remove a supporting bar to do this without having to open the AIO water loop and introduce air into the system. because of the form factor inside the case I could not fit a screwdriver to turn the screws to install the lowest fan (this could be done easily with a wrench style screwdriver which I just don't own). Thankfully there was an open spot to mount the fan elsewhere in the case so now my HDD is getting direct airflow. All this said I still plan on buying a new case and transferring the internals soon

Finally, upon reviewing my order about a year after the fact, it seems I got a different internet card than I had ordered. I have no complaints personally as the bandwidth is actually an upgrade from the one I payed for but it is important to note for prospective buyers with very specific aesthetic requirements that the antenna is a different form factor and not hidden near the rear-io the way the one I selected was. It seems as though some parts may end up exchanged or upgraded (I assume if they are out of stock).


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    Thank you for the awesome and detailed review/feedback. There is certainly a lot for the CLX team to digest and consider. I would like to address one point as far as the Wifi card Swap.

    It is true at times when we run out of a certain components we can do what we call an automatic swap but this is done under stringent criteria. First the swapped to item has to be an upgrade from what was chosen, it can not be a lesser or even an equivalent item. Also, it can not be something like a Chassis or a Fan where it will affect the look of the system a great deal (even if we are doing an upgrade) on those situations we have to get the customer approval. We do these automatic swaps at times where there is stress on our resources with higher than usual order volumes. However, we realize that just assuming that our customers are ok with an Upgrade is not good enough in many cases like yours, even though you got an "upgrade" but as far as your requirements and expectations you are missing out on some feature, which is totally fair. We are currently working on an automated system to increase visibility and transparency in the smallest details or adjustments made to the system post ordering, and just like our transparent QA forms system we hope to have a system that addresses your concern. Thanks again for being a customer and for your awesome feedback, also thank you for being one of our very first community members as we just launched this CLX community forum today! 🙂