How exactly is a cross ship warentee supposed to work

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I just wanna preface this post and say I have had nothing but a great experience with CLX and the system I speced and purchased. The only sour taste so to speak that has been left in my mouth is when my power supply took a crap on me and I decided to do what they called a cross ship warentee replacement. I pulled my power supply out of the computer and shipped it out the following day. The way the guy explained it to me was that after I shipped out mine and they had confirmation it had shipped that they would ship out my replacement to me. I got an email today stating that they received my part and to please allow for 7 to 10 business days for them to process my return and ship my new power supply to me. Has anyone else had this experience here? Or and I missunderstanding what was told to me. Again I want to say I have had nothing but great experiences so far with the company and would definitely purchase another system for my wife from here.


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    I am sorry to hear about the experience you had with the bad power supply. The cross-shipment eta of 7 to 10 business days is just a general turnaround timeframe. It is normally much faster than that but do leave a little padding just in case. If you give me your ticket number I can definitely take a look and make sure your new power supply is on it's way.


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