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Velburg20 Member Posts: 1 Farmer

New to gaming and gaming computers. How do I change colors of Set computer? I have downloaded ASRock Poluchrome Sync and it only recognizes the DRAM. How do I change the colors on the fans? What other app/program can be used?


  • Sam
    Sam CLX Staff Posts: 3 Vizier


    Regarding changing the colors of your fans it would depend on which chassis you chose for your SET. It can be a button on the chassis itself, a remote or software as you mentioned. If you're able email our support department or call us with your order number we can dig deeper and get you an exact answer.

    Thank you!

  • lumpyjohn1
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    Why is it so hard to find general information on my computer? Like the lights? What do the buttons on top do? There is a button labeled LED, it doesn't seem to do anything. Tons of ads not tons of help, Frustrating

  • LunarSnowfall
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    WHY? Because dear Lump you built a custom computer! But don't fret John. It isn't hard. First thing you do is go to the motherboards website and look up the information there. Or use the nice instruction booklet that came with the motherboard and was shipped with your computer. It should become your new bible. As is your motherboard that will be controlling your lights through the UEFI. The part where you hit Del or F11 during start up. As for the fans and case lighting that is entirely up to what you purchased isn't it? Only the fault of anyone who didn't bother to look up compatibility with their motherboard. Not all RGBs play nicely together after all. GOOD GRAVY Velburg20 Did you even buy RGB fans or are they a set color? Or perhaps you bought some RGB memory that isn''t recognized by your motherboard? Ooops. Well still no worry as you can go to that memory manufacture's website and download the rgb software from there. Lastly BOTH LUMP AND BURG it seems you have case buttons, whatever you do don't push them and learn what they do for heaven's sake we wouldn't want that would we? Or did you not purchase a setup that has any RGB to wire to that button?

    During your build at no time did these questions occur to you? Or to even ask as many questions of the wonderful customer service section that CLX offers? No?

    I sure bet car salesmen smell you a mile away.

    Rare is the customer who comes online to write a good review and just as rare is to find a customer who is right, no the majority of the time the "The customer is always WRONG."